Healing Nature of Horses Advanced Workshops
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        Advanced Workshops allow mental health, life coach, education and equine professionals opportunities to explore focused topics on how horses can promote personal growth and healing. We will use a combination of lecture, demonstration, case studies and experiential activities on the assistance horses can provide for healing and personal growth in specific areas. 

    The workshops are not based on any particular mode of equine assisted therapy or education--rather they look at how a variety of mounted and unmounted approaches can be combined into an effective session or workshop design and implementa-tion. In addition, participants will meet and work with other professionals sharing their interest and passion. 

        Since these are Advanced Workshops, we recommend that participants either come with experience in working with the assistance of horses, or have attended other workshops prior to  this one. Those new to the field can attend the Healing Nature of Horses, Part I, which provides an introduction to horse assisted therapy and education. Often Part 1 is taught immediately before an Advanced Workshop at the same location, and those who have taken Part 1 are eligible to attend the Advanced Workshop.